Top 20 Gamification Technology Companies - 2017

The modern society spends the majority of their time in mundane activities and the overall productivity is hampered as motivation decreases over time. As attention span decreases with passing years, executives are turning in their hour of need towards gamification. It has successfully increased employee engagement within an organization and improved the productivity and value of work. Consequently, a captivating gamification technology will help companies set a high bar for employee satisfaction.

Gamification as a whole is a rising market trend with a prediction of 5.5 billion dollars market value by 2018. Companies have increased the utilization of this technology to drive employees towards a competing scenario that would amplify action in the corporate ecosystem. Additionally, it provides a platform for the executives to analyze and evaluate the performance of the employees enrolled in the gaming solution. Moreover, artificial intelligence is being integrated by gamification solution providers to enhance the user experience through augmented interface interaction.

Like any other arena, the gamification landscape is flooded with myriad solutions and thus zeroing in on the apt one remains an uphill task for a CIO. To tread on the right path, Logistics Tech Outlook has become the torch bearer in the gamification solution landscape. Our distinguished selection panel, comprising CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts and the editorial board of Logistics Tech Outlook narrowed the final 20 providers that exhibit competence in delivering gamification solutions.

We present to you CIOReview’s “20 Most Promising Gamification Technology solution providers - 2017.”

    Top Gamification Technology Solution Companies

  • 1

    Provides intelligent gamified solutions to empower the workforce through engaging learning experiences

  • 2

    Translates Neuroscience research into practical teaching and learning tools for consumers, educators, clinicians and in the workplace

  • 3

    Contest Factory is a one stop shop for a robust gamification strategy

  • 4

    Delivers 2D, 3D, and serious gaming solutions for immersive training experience

  • 5

    Enhances the performance management of the global recruitment industry through gamification

  • 6

    Helps corporate brands to improve their marketing through effective engagement of channel partners via gamification

  • 7

    Provides a gamification engine that supports over 90 game techniques and connects with real-world actions through which employees, clients, partners, vendors, etc. interact every day

  • 8

    Delivers a powerful marketing platform to help enterprises drive sales and deepen customer engagement

  • 9

    GP Strategies is a global performance improvement provider of learning solutions that power workforce performance

  • 10

    Provides organic marketing technologies to empower brands through systematic advocacy

  • 11

    SaveUp is a membership-based app that improves financial well-being of its users through gamification

  • 12

    Tango Card combines easy to use technology, a unique e-gift card and donation catalog, and expert support to deliver reward solutions

  • 13

    Delivers an on-demand micro-learning system that uses science, adaptive learning, and gamification to better engage employees with training materials to make retention of information more lasting

  • 14

    Delivers cloud-based adaptive eLearning software, enabling organizations to rapidly create and deploy analytics-rich training solutions that analyze efficacy, and drive better business outcomes

  • 15



    Helps sales organizations get real-time performance insights and create revenue-driving culture

  • 16



    Drives employee KPIs and learning through digital motivation, learning and performance management

  • 17

    Get Badges

    Get Badges

    Provides a tool to gamify the development of software projects, track progress via various integrations and help earn achievements just by coding and resolving tasks

  • 18



    Helps create a culture of celebration and makes every workday engaging by motivating workers and integrating with existing applications

  • 19

    Inside Sales

    Inside Sales

    Offers a sales acceleration platform built on a self-learning engine that drives revenue growth by delivering an optimized experience for both salesperson and buyer

  • 20

    Lithium Technologies

    Lithium Technologies

    Provides an engagement platform that helps brands build trusted relationships with customers and also, helps connect content and conversations at the right digital moment