Focused Impressions: Streamlined Channel Partner Engagement

Craig Stockmal, Founder & CEO
Amazon, with its ability to bring all the product information and facilitate instant feedback on a wide range of products through a single window while handling logistics comprehensively, has emerged as the synonym for enhanced customer experience in a B2C landscape. This customer engagement model is however difficult to replicate in a typical B2B2C environment where wide gaps exist in engaging channel partners—a network of brokers, agents, sales reps, franchises and brick-and-mortars—who are critical in bringing a brand closer to consumers. While channel partners struggle to access the corporate brand marketing collateral, brands express concern about establishing brand consistency and compliance. A bellwether in the B2B2C marketing space, Focused Impressions excels in enabling brands to deliver Amazon-like experiences to channel partners where they can access brand marketing content—both digital and print—with ease, which facilitates long lasting partnerships.

Equipped with a cloud-based marketing automation platform, FocusPoint, Focused Impressions allows corporate brands to aggregate the marketing content and their channel partners. With the conduit for marketing content setup between the corporate brand and channel partners, brands can deliver personalized, multi-channel marketing programs to the local markets. With a centralized control, brands can disseminate marketing content to their partners without harming brand identity and compliance while still being able to fine-tune their marketing strategy through the constant feedback from the channel partners. With FocusPoint, channel partners can quickly access interactive, social media, brand-approved advertising, video, promotional, and traditionally printed products and create integrated, personalized marketing programs based on the local needs.

Through gamification, FocusPoint allows brands to attract and engage more channel partners consistently and improve time to value. With badges and rewards offered through gamification, the channel partners can gain more marketing material—both digital and print. Available as a mobile app, the platform helps to zero in on the individual performance within the channel and reward them for their behavior that drives the sales. “Through the technology of our integrated platform, we can foster a healthy competitive environment where the success of one of the channel partners can drive increased engagement of others,” says Craig Stockmal, Founder and CEO of Focused Impressions.

Through the technology of our integrated platform, we can foster a healthy competitive environment where the success of one of the channel partners can drive increased engagement of others

Additionally, the channel partners can also leverage the FocusPoint platform to engage their consumers better. “Through several tactics available in the FocusPoint ecosystem, campaigns can be executed across a variety of media such as sharing tweets, posts, and videos and engaging in mobile as well as printed materials, the partners can attract more audience toward the brand,” informs Stockmal. “We pride ourselves in the highly configurable nature of our application which allows us to implement and onboard a customer quickly, without the need for custom setup and development.” Furthermore, the company takes a consultative approach where it manages the logistical needs of its clients with regard to trade shows and events.

With such well-rounded B2B2C marketing strategy, Focused Impressions assisted a large national insurance company who wanted to promote and measure agent engagement brand to be used increasingly by the agents who were value added resellers. The client leveraged the FocusPoint Mobile App to create points, rewards and badges based on how the independent agent progressed and utilized specific corporate branded marketing tactics which concomitantly increased the selling of targeted insurance products. The solution also created a competitive environment where agents were eager to outperform their peers, which further boosted performance and increased revenue.

For the future, Focused Impressions looks to explore mobile and analytics in the gamification space to drive innovation. The company strives to keep itself abreast of all of the upcoming technologies, enabling brands to take their products to the remote corners while streamlining collaboration with channel partners.

Focused Impressions

Boston, MA

Craig Stockmal, Founder & CEO

Helps corporate brands to improve their marketing through effective engagement of channel partners via gamification

Focused Impressions