CUBE19: A Game Changer for Recruitment

Dan McGuire, Founder and CEO
Recruitment is moving into a data intelligent age and clean, quick and actionable insights are vital to smart recruiting in 2018. A pure-play gamification platform for recruitment agencies, cube19 is transforming the industry by marrying the competitive nature of recruitment with the need to record accurate data. cube19 has gamified the process of data management and solved the headache of recording high quality recruitment process activity data in traditional CRMs.

Dan McGuire, Founder & CEO of cube19, points out: “We’ve combined business intelligence, analytics and gamification to drive employee motivation and help them record high-quality data which provides delivers key business insights.” By partnering with the technology provider, agencies are combining the competitive spirit of recruitment with game-changing technology to enhance efficiency, streamline their processes and unlock bigger profits.

McGuire continues to say that, “By introducing gamification, cube19 has enabled recruitment companies to manage targets for both individuals and their teams while prioritizing their daily activities.” Through clever use of leaderboards, KPI tracking and incentives, the company can communicate the real-time performance of its consultants and their teams across the business. The dashboards are fully responsive across devices so can be called on during a morning commute via mobile, or centralized in the office on a big TV screen.

cube19 provides accountable insights without the need for a team of dedicated business analysts. Its smart use of technology allows agencies to easily drill down into individual performance metrics, generate real-time reports and identify trends in the business. Its ease of use and gamification techniques motivate teams to record data in their CRM as it happens which drastically improves data quality.

cube19 helps recruitment companies to improve data accuracy and raise staff motivation through gamification

Recruiters can then identify the right individuals and organizations to target and convert a more of their activity into placements. The competitive element fuels its engagement and provides recruiters with the intelligent insights they need.

Gamification is injecting fun into sometimes cumbersome administrative activities and equipping recruitment agencies with the ability to make big gains at minimal costs. Recruitment businesses will often have excellent CRMs in place but a lack of quality data populating it, which was the case for global energy recruiter Spencer Ogden. Before cube19’s intervention, they used their CRM for recording information but were unable to use it as productively as they would have looked, as recruiters overlooked the need for quality data. cube19’s use of business intelligence and gamification equipped Spencer Ogden with the ability to analyze their global performance in real-time and unlock growth. Despite unfavorable market conditions when the oil price crashed the client’s contract margin, average placement fee and total placements increased. With cube19, Spencer Ogden was able to build a great work culture and find the right solution to overcome the testing market conditions.

It is the ability to deliver actionable insights through gamification that continues to impresses cube19’s clients. With a clear focus on t he global recruitment sector, they strive to broaden the impact of their gamification solutions and allow recruitment companies to put science into the art of recruitment in 2018.


Monmouth House, London

Dan McGuire, Founder and CEO

Enhances the performance management of the global recruitment industry through gamification