BrainWare Learning Company: Building Cognitive Capacity with Neuroscience- Based Gamification

Betsy Hill, President
The cognitive capacity of an individual to learn has a broad societal, economic, and individual impact. The right kind of comprehensive cognitive training can develop the human mind to a degree beyond most people’s general understanding. Based on this concept, BrainWare Learning Company translates neuroscience research into practical tools that improve the teaching and learning process for consumers, educators, clinicians, and in the workplace. Diligently integrating the fields of neuroscience, education, clinical therapeutic disciplines, and workforce development—which otherwise work independent of each other—with the best practices of gamification technology, BrainWare offers powerful learning tools to improve people’s cognitive skills. “Eighty-five percent of everything that is learned by humans is visual. We leverage gamification in our tools as it is a visually engaging, fun, stimulating, interactive, and motivating medium for teaching and learning,” says Roger Stark, CEO, BrainWare.

The company’s BrainWare SAFARI is a unique cognitive training tool that incorporates decades of proven multidisciplinary clinical approaches to cognitive skills development into an engaging video-game format to shape individuals aged 6 to 106 years into Information Age thinkers. The tool’s exercises develop people’s ability to recognize patterns, solve problems, and think more effectively. The exercises address 41 cognitive skills in six categories: attention, memory, visual processing, auditory processing, thinking and sensory integration. The exercises in BrainWare get progressively more challenging, and repeated practice leads to automaticity. “Unlike other brain training games that help develop skills in isolation, BrainWare SAFARI helps develop a series of skills in an integrated manner,” remarks Betsy Hill, the President of BrainWare.

In addition, BrainWare’s cognitivly based reading tools like SkateKids and Ramps To Reading incorporate neuroscience and gamification help children age 4 to 12 years build critical literacy skills especially reading comprehension.
Roger Stark, CEO
The Mindprint Cognitive Assessment battery provides a student's unique learning profile with their cognitive strengths and weaknesses enabling educators and parents to understand better how they learn.

Based on peer-reviewed research and field studies, BrainWare has been called “transformative” for different population segments, like students with Learning Disabilities (LD). Rather than simply accommodating such students with lower grade level curriculum and other adjustments like extra time to finish their work, BrainWare exercises have been shown to help remediate their cognitive skills like memory, attention and executive functions to just about the level of a normally developing child.

The Organization of Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) states that a GDP of 73 trillion dollars can be uncovered if every individual in society is helped to develop a minimum educational proficiency level. As Roger explains, too many of our American High School graduating students cannot read their own diploma and less than a third of American third graders read at third-grade level proficiently. Approximately half the workforce in America is considered workplace illiterate because they lack the skills to utilize the available tools to drive productivity. This is what motivates BrainWare to develop programs enabling every individual—child and adult—to succeed academically and in life.

Currently, BrainWare is scrutinizing prospects for cognitive training in the fields of sports, medicine, law enforcement, military, linguistics, and more. They aspire to help sports team players accelerate their process of assimilating the playbook and cater to the military’s demand for a “soldier of one” with the capabilities of a mechanic and medic, as well as ability to handle a tank, machine gun, and more. In a nutshell, BrainWare seeks to transform the experience of learning from the inside out. “We want to support each person in becoming the most effective learner, thinker, and problem-solver he/she can be,” concludes Stark.

BrainWare Learning Company

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Betsy Hill, President and Roger Stark, CEO

Translates Neuroscience research into practical teaching and learning tools for consumers, educators, clinicians and in the workplace

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