Gamification: Enhancing Customer Engagement through Innovation
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Gamification: Enhancing Customer Engagement through Innovation

By CIOReview | Thursday, May 24, 2018

Gamification is an emerging trend in this digital era which gives companies a platform to influence the customers and build long-lasting relationships in order to gain a competitive edge. It deals with measuring the natural behaviors and interactions of the customer experience, and recognizing them in the way that it engages them through a storyline that depicts growth. Gamification takes the data-driven techniques that game designers use to engage people and applies them to non-game contexts through the inclusion of game-like features like points, and badges to motivate actions that add value to a business. In a business setting, this means designing solutions for everything from office tasks and training to marketing or direct customer interaction by combining the thinking of a business manager with the creativity of a game designer.

Gamification is transforming industries by creating innovative ways to extend relationships, enhance user engagement, and drive customer and employee loyalty. It is so compelling because it leverages the motivations and desires that exist in people for achievement, reward, community, and feedback. Social media platforms, cloud services, real-time data analytics, and mobility have accelerated and improved the outcomes of gamification. Gamification is increasing the overall value of the business through optimization of cost, improvement in performance and increased engagement. The use of design-based approach educates users about a company’s products, services, features and the value it provides. Ongoing engagement is vital to the growth of any business, and gamification helps in driving continuous engagement, encourage collaboration, and improve business performance.

Organizations must use the power of gamification mechanics to understand user behavior for better results and to get an extra edge over others through active user engagement. Such mechanics and game thinking extend interactions far beyond sales and training, intriguing customers to stay engaged with the online programs.