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Jon Madden, Managing Partner, President and Chief Financial Officer

Only 33 percent of U.S. employees are engaged in their job according to a Gallup State of the Global Workplace report. Gamification may help boost employee engagement and improve productivity. However, too often gamification platforms fail to deliver because their content is not properly tailored to learners’ needs. Gamification can also fall short when not used with other strategic training tactics as part of a comprehensive plan. Encompass Communications and Learning, Inc. addresses these issues with a wholistic approach. Leveraging its extensive life sciences expertise and customizable gamification platforms, Encompass begins by assessing employee knowledge and identifying opportunities for improvement. The company then makes customized recommendations involving a blend of training tactics that include gamification. “It’s gamification with a purpose, gamification that’s designed as part of a full learning journey, so it makes a real impact,” says Jim Gamgort, managing partner and chief commercial officer, Encompass.

Encompass was founded in response to the needs of life science companies whose product launches had fallen short of expectations due to gaps in learning. To close these gaps, Encompass uses a host of proven training solutions in conjunction with two dynamic, web-based gamification platforms: JOURNEY and EXPEDITION EVEREST. These tools provide fun, challenge-based activities that introduce or reinforce a wide variety of life sciences topics, such as prescription and clinical information, product label updates, the market landscape, and competitive entrants. “Encompass’s gamification solutions make learning an enjoyable experience while improving retention and reinforcement of content,” explains Jon Madden, managing partner, president and CFO, Encompass. This, in turn, makes it easier for learners to translate their new knowledge into real-world applications and prepare for corporate initiatives such as a product launch or label change.

JOURNEY is designed to introduce a topic and gradually enhance a learner’s knowledge. For example, in the case of a product launch, a learner would receive information about the unmet patient need as well as how the product works, is accessed, and is paid for. EXPEDITION EVEREST is designed to reinforce learning and help individuals gain mastery of a topic. Both are dynamic tools that facilitate knowledge transfer.

Jim Gamgort, Managing Partner and Chief Commercial Officer
JOURNEY and EXPEDITION EVEREST feature powerful analytics so once learners complete a challenge, they provide participants and management with user-friendly feedback and valuable insights. A real-time leaderboard helps boost participation and engagement, while Encompass’s heat map and proprietary PinPOINT ANALYTICS generate metrics that show individuals and managers areas of opportunity and strength.

Encompass also offers other gamification solutions such as live game shows and competitions, virtual games, and eLearning simulations. The company’s gamification platforms are rooted in established design theories, including the ARCS (Attention, Relevance, Confidence, Satisfaction) Model of Motivational Design, which is proven to increase learner motivation. And as a full-service training and communications company, Encompass approaches every project with a unique plan that uses innovative methods and technologies. For example, the company’s proven iEAR® approach takes employees on a learning journey from introduction to exploration to application to reinforcement, ensuring knowledge retention that accelerates performance and results.

Moving forward, Encompass is using its deep life sciences experience in sales, medicine, marketing, commercial operations, and market access to enhance its solution portfolio, stay ahead of industry trends, and meet its clients’ evolving needs. This includes developing tools that help life sciences sales representatives take an omnichannel approach to communicating with customers. In addition, Encompass is working on harnessing the power of big data to make gamification more effective. “Our industry experience puts us in a perfect position to navigate the waters ahead and develop practical, applicable solutions,” Madden says. “It’s all part of our mission to help our clients and their employees grow and thrive in a rapidly changing world."

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Jon Madden, Managing Partner, President and Chief Financial Officer and Jim Gamgort, Managing Partner and Chief Commercial Officer

Encompass is a full-service training and communications agency dedicated to helping life sciences teams enhance knowledge and skills, and ultimately drive optimal performance.

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