SWAG'R: Driving Revenue through Gamification Experiences

Greg Williams, Founder & CEO
We live in an era of booming media—rich content shared through cutting edge mobile devices. Brands must diversify their mobile marketing strategies to engage with their audience. The ANA reports that brand “activation spending will top $740 billion by 2020,” which highlights the ongoing trend of brands using inventive mobile marketing techniques and promotional content to connect digital and physical experiences.

“Mobile marketing is outpacing television-based marketing,” says Greg Williams, Founder & CEO of SWAG’R. As an industry veteran, Williams founded SWAG’R to offer brands a unique content delivery platform to reach their target audience directly and cost-effectively. Built on a gamification concept, SWAG’R owns a digital real estate channel with limitless inventory for brands use to improve their business prospects. For example, SWAG’R provides a hassle-free experience for brands to offer relevant products and services to students using the digital maps of their campus.

The average costs for marketers to engage with college-age students continue to increase, while the limited channels do not yield the same results as they did before. With its interactive interface, SWAG’R has been successful in captivating students across numerous university campuses. For example, SWAG’R partnered with Saturday Night Live (SNL) to conduct a scavenger hunt for students in Boston. The first student to find and grab the eight SWAG’R tokens around the city won two VIP tickets to a live SNL show featuring PINK. With no marketing budget, the scavenger hunt started at 3 campuses and spread to others resulting in active participation of more than 2,000 students.

Using SWAG’R is simple. Anyone can download SWAG’R through the App Store or by using promotional codes distributed by our campus officials. “After downloading the App, students open the SWAG’R map to locate and reach specific brand pinpoints to unlock curated promotional content from brands, merchants, and vendor partners,” says Williams. Users “compete” with each other to reach the geographic pinpoints using AR technology, and “grab” the promotional content voucher(s).

Millenial consumers don’t want to be told what to buy! They want to have experiences with brands and Swag’r creates these experiences

Users then redeem the offer, or, gift it to other registered users, and activate it at retail locations, online, or through a partner app, digital gift card download, or QR / barcode transactions.

SWAG’r will be the first platform to launch simultaneously on 50 university campuses in five regions around the continental United States, reaching more than two million students. Another 50 university campuses will be launched in Fall 2018 as part of its ongoing rollout. The SWAG’R platform also teaches mapping systems to local universities, enabling them to build their own new business models.

By implementing cloud-based servers to place targeted promotional content at geographic locations, SWAG’R has been improving the efficiency of brands to target specific audiences and improve their bottom line. Going forward, SWAG’R will continue to adopt new technologies and methodologies to augment its value proposition, including the integration of social media into its gamifcaiton platform.

The SWAG’R platform will continue to expand with the launches of its other divisions: Live Events, Commercial Real Estate Trust, and Partner Channels using its Software Development Kit (SDK) plug-in. These business segments demonstrate the power of the platform, which supports, for example, connecting to indoor positioning systems for multi-use commercial properties or mapping the locations of live events to add gamification onto an existing on-site experience.


Portland, OR

Greg Williams, Founder & CEO

Enables national brands to engage their customers through a mobile marketing and promotional content platform that uses gamification and augmented reality