True Office Learning: Enabling Advanced Learning Experiences

Neha Gupta, CEO
Although Powerpoint presentations and videos have long served as the default communication medium for enterprise eLearning programs, they fall short on actually engaging the audience as an active participant and producing meaningful insight into whether the program is working. To add to that, learning and our workforce is changing. Use of game mechanics and game design elements within corporate learning environments is indicative of the need for advanced, evolved online learning resources that revamp the entire eLearning experience. “Learning is inherent to the human experience, but the brain can only retain only about 10 percent of information from reading and observing…but when you introduce ‘doing’ to a learning situation, the brain retains 90 percent of the information. That’s where gamification comes in…it’s active and pushes the learners’ brains to actually…learn,” begins Neha Gupta, CEO of True Office Learning. Laser focused on "moving learning forward" by bringing in the fundamentals of how humans learn effectively, and advanced measurement to a gamified eLearning experience, NY-based True Office Learning delivers adaptive, analytics-enabled courseware that allows organizations to reduce seat time, assess and scrutinize employee competencies, and power better business outcomes.

Enabling organizations to transcend the limitations imposed by traditional learning technology, True Office Learning makes employees smarter through immersive training experiences that adapt to the user’s role and performance, while making organizations smarter by providing advanced behavioral data through a cloud-based analytics platform. The learning and analytics platform interweaves advanced learning methods, game mechanics, and positive motivational techniques to boost performance, create a culture of accountability, and mitigate risks.

Furthermore, True Office Learning’s analytics engine has been built to gauge potential behavior risk amongst employees and measure their effectiveness at applying training knowledge to real life situations. “After all, you can’t improve what you can’t measure,” remarks Neha. To this end, the firm has compiled a database of 2 million data sets on employee behavior in risk-based situations to give enterprises a complete picture of knowledge gaps, risk hotspots, behavioral metrics, and aggregate performance analyses.
The ability to drill down seamlessly, segment, and internally benchmark performance across functions, regions, or sectors is a powerful “gamification of its own kind” that intrinsically motivates leaders to understand and elevate their organization's performance or cyberculture. “When it comes to behavioral metrics, you don't just want to measure them on the aggregate, you want to be able to slice and dice it, because your capabilities landscape is not one size fits all,” points out Neha.

True Office’s expertise spans across ethics and compliance, information and technology, and cybersecurity arenas. In one instance, True Office rapidly architected a phishing awareness solution for a large financial institution with over 100,000 employees which was under scrutiny to failed phishing penetration tests. In addition to unearthing vulnerabilities and identifying potential risks, the adaptive phishing awareness solution ensured every learner attained 100 percent proficiency and significantly improve their readiness for the next phishing test. Shortly after completing the training, the client saw a remarkable double-digit percentile improvement in their success rate in terms of employees successfully identifying a phishing attempt and report it.

When it comes to behavioral metrics, you don't just want to measure them on the aggregate, you want to be able to slice and dice it, because your capabilities landscape is not one size fits all

Powered by a content-agnostic technology platform, the firm also specializes in rapid development of custom learning and diagnostic solutions for clients on topics ranging from cyber security best practices, product and sales training programs to leadership development and recruiting. Focused on solving the real inhibitors to success, the adaptive courses make the journey for learners relevant and also more fun through the use of game mechanics and elements of gamification. “We concentrate on transforming the learning experiences for the learner because ultimately what learners want is the ability to easily and quickly access information and leverage it to make optimized decisions, and that is what will benefit their firm the most” concludes Neha.

True Office Learning

New York, NY

Neha Gupta, CEO

Delivers cloud-based adaptive eLearning software, enabling organizations to rapidly create and deploy analytics-rich training solutions that analyze efficacy, and drive better business outcomes

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