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Thomas Pizer, Director, Learning Technologies
Corporate learning and development (L&D) organizations are challenged to reach an ever-evolving audience. Their reasons for employing game-based and gamified learning are unique to their diverse industries, audiences, motivational factors, and business requirements. Gamification is not only about implementing new technology, but understanding the unique challenges in learning management and building solutions based on the learner’s role in an organization. Driven by this idea, GP Strategies is helping large enterprises use game mechanics in creative ways to drive performance. Providing training and performance support for more than five decades, GP Strategies brings deep understanding and insights on learning management to address the specific business problems of their enterprise customers across industry verticals.

GP Strategies initiates client engagement from the perspective of solving a business or learning challenge. “We take an outcomes-based approach to every learning program, whether it employs gamification or any other learning-based technology or approach,” says Thomas Pizer, Director of Learning Technologies at GP Strategies. Solutions are based on the specific learner roles in the organization. “We take a targeted approach when we recommend gamification as a delivery strategy,” explains Ann Rollins, a Learning Strategist at GP Strategies.

The company deploys two similar but distinct types of gamified learning: game-based and gamification. In game-based learning, the game essentially is the learning, which gives learners, managers, and the business an opportunity to evaluate performance outcomes and determine where additional reinforcement is needed. Whereas gamification comprises competition or rewards offered to the learner to incentivize them to complete learning activities.

GP Strategies is technology agnostic and chooses the right technology and approach to meet the unique learning requirements of their clients’ business. The company also has partnerships with several platform vendors and has established development frameworks to support many different approaches to implement game mechanics. GP Strategies utilizes platforms such as Degreed, mLevel, and Intrepid, among others, to build customized learning programs inside of the client’s learning management system.
Ann Rollins, Learning Strategist
GP Strategies has incorporated Augmented Reality (AR) with a few clients and has won a peer-voted industry award for the Best Sales Training Solution at DemoFest for a sales training program that incorporated AR as part of the experience. The program was new vehicle sales training for automotive sales consultants. The gamified experience broke out participants into teams, served up video, and required participants to create a pitch based on a customer scenario. The AR activity also included a quiz with a backend leaderboard.

In addition, GP Strategies has also helped a global health service company improve workforce performance with a gamified solution. A virtual instructor-led training program was designed through which the client could get accurate information pertinent to learners’ performance and the effectiveness of the learning material. “Gamification allowed us to not only motivate learners to complete the activities, but also to provide analytics regarding individual performance within the overall learning experience,” says Rollins.

We take an outcomes-based approach to every learning program, whether it employs gamification or any other learning-based technology or approach

With digital transformation gripping the enterprise world, GP Strategies continues to identify the evolving trends in learning behavior and performance. These insights help the company to devise new digital learning strategies and address the needs of the modern learner. GP Strategies designs solutions that integrate gamification and game-based mechanics in a cohesive manner within the business context to drive workforce productivity.

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Thomas Pizer, Director, Learning Technologies and Ann Rollins, Learning Strategist

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