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Mitch Labrador, VP of Software Development
Technologies such as 3D simulation and serious gaming have made a significant impact on skill development and workforce training. However, cost challenges have kept several businesses away from adopting these technologies for their learning needs. A proponent of democratization of 3D, Creative Veteran Productions (CVP), allows businesses of all sizes to utilize high quality 3D gaming solutions for their unique learning requirements in a cost-effective manner. Through immersive training experiences, CVP allows organizations to train their workforce to maintain excellent performance, even in high-risk situations.

In its every client engagement, CVP seeks to understand the actual learning goals of clients before suggesting a solution. “We firmly believe that the instruction should dictate the modality,” says Mitch Labrador, VP, Software Development, CVP. With insights into the unique needs of individual clients, CVP assesses the implementation of 2D, 3D, or serious gaming, including the efficacy of multiple player technology for better learning. Taking subject matter experts on board to get better clarity on the topics to be covered and the instructions to be delivered, CVP ensures that the learning program delivers expected outcomes. The company also has expertise in providing virtual reality simulations, through medical games, for its healthcare industry clients.

“With an expert team of developers, game designers, and creative directors, CVP allows clients to create intuitive learning environments where employees can rehearse their skills to handle emergency situations with perfection. We use an agile methodology to deliver efficient games,” adds Labrador. Once the initial components of the game such as the story, player type, and the gaming mode are finalized, the CVP team works collaboratively to develop the learning game. Leveraging tools such as WebGL, CVP develops software that can work without additional infrastructure. WebGL also helps in delivering seamless compatibility of the learning game with a wide range of systems in the client premises.

At the heart of CVP’s solutions is the Game Management System (GMS), a cloud-based gaming platform developed to standardize the common game elements such as character system and controls, which are reusable in different learning games.

CVP creates intuitive learning environments where employees can rehearse their skills to handle emergency situations with perfection

Moreover, the platform allows easy management of the game components by offering a simple-to-use, web-based tool that makes media management and the configuration system better.

With over a decade of expertise in the gamified solutions landscape, CVP has built a stellar reputation by providing the best-in-breed learning management software. CVP has developed a Difficult Airway Algorithm and Rescue Cricothyrotomy (DAARC) learning game solution for one of its clients. With the ability to provide knowledge-based training to physicians and nurses for difficult airway management, the solution lets the trainee assume the role of an Airway Officer of the day for a hospital. The game is focused on training the user to manage difficult airways using the Vortex Approach—a high stakes cognitive aid for quick and focused decision making in an airway emergency. With this game, the medical staff can practice their skills in using the scalpel, spreader, and bougie open surgical cricothyrotomy technique. The solution earned the best ‘Serious Game and Virtual Environment’ award at the 2017 International Meeting on Simulation in Healthcare (IMSH) conference.

Continuing its success journey, CVP is planning to expand the role of their GMS and commercialize it in the gaming market to enable developers to experience the next generation game development. CVP also focuses on developing highly scalable and flexible 2D, 3D, and serious gaming solutions for organizations based on the evolving needs of their growing customer base.

Creative Veteran Productions

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Mitch Labrador, VP of Software Development

Delivers 2D, 3D, and serious gaming solutions for immersive training experience

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