Rules rule, OK?
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Rules rule, OK?

Charlie Nooney, CEO, Mobi TV

Today’s media landscape is extremely dynamic and is changing more than we’ve ever seen before.

The big catalyst is the explosive growth in mobile, which has  triggered a revolution in the TV space. Where TV was once locked in the living room, it’s now truly versatile–as it should be in a converged world–offering a more  personal, relevant, and engaging user experience.

"TV audiences understand  that TV no longer works on a device-centric model but to a user-centric model"

Even the most transformative of revolutions needs rules to stop it from becoming anarchy. So, service providers  have to get protocols in place not just because content rights require them but also because simply doing things properly safeguards operational excellence. Rights  management is not the only challenge that providers need to contend with, however, as the market changes quickly from addressing a novelty need (‘nice to have’) to  a utility need (‘must have’).

TV Everywhere will simply be, well, TV. The market’s shaping up here and now. Here are some thoughts on each of those three concerns:

Rights management
Content rights vary by geography, licensing and ownership, and format, whether content is broadcast live, streamed to a device or recorded. With service providers  offering multi-screen services, online storage and personal video recorder (PVR), it’s getting more difficult to manage these rights. The end-user, of course, rarely  gives thought to the legal issues that may prohibit content from being transferred from one platform to another. It’s actually up to providers to sort out how to manage  the content restrictions.

TV Everywhere providers—solve the problem with dynamic and configurable content policies, utilizing their rights management systems available across multiple  operating systems and devices, which support secure live and on-demand streaming and local storage of media files for off-line viewing. Through cloud-based  distribution, it allows for a scalable and network efficient distribution of encrypted content across multiple networks and is optimised for all the different devices from  settop boxes to phones. Basically, it drills down to the granular level of an individual asset for every potential content delivery scenario.

One Platform to Rule Them All

In terms of technology, what’s needed is a converged solution which solves the problem of time shifting, place shifting and screen shifting–offering a continuous  experience from screen to screen with users’ content being accessible in the “cloud” from any device. The distribution platform handles the ingestion, transcoding  and delivery of content adapted for each device and network. So the TV at home becomes just another connected device in addition to the personal device using a  single platform.

Get Ready to Launch

New and existing brands can make TV relevant in a changing world and become national or international TV providers in a matter of months. With the rules in place to enforce content rights, they can leverage the ‘open’, IP-based, fixed and mobile infrastructure to build new local, regional, national or international multiscreen  operations. They can then compete directly with the incumbent free-to-air, cable or satellite operators.

MobiTV’s cloud-based solution offers service providers a platform to distribute content, over any internet connection, in a cost effective and scalable way.

TV  audiences understand that TV no longer works on a device-centric model but to a user-centric model. Sure, they don’t actually get all the buzz words and terminology;  they are just accustomed to getting what they want, where they want it. Live TV streaming goes straight to the device–any screen with a converged solution can be a  TV–smart phones, tablets, PCs and set-top boxes. So, there is a lot of freedom to move around and take infinite entertainment with you on the go. This means not  missing out on live events, not stopping what you’re doing so that you can get to the couch and switch on the TV. Total freedom—almost.

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